About us

Here at HURTZ we are passionate about music, especially band and artist driven music. With many years experience in this area of sound, we have manufactured a range of phones dedicated to the genres dedicated to the art of music. With that in mind we set out to design and develop alternative styled, head shredding phones that would at last be worthy of the music played through them and your head.

These phones feature extended bass response to drive those kick drums, searing clear highs for those screams and solos combined with an excellent mid-range eq to cover all the other sonic bases. Extended wear comfort, noise cancelling, phone compatibility with a built-in mic, cool soft carry bag all come as standard in this amazing package. We also kept pricing sensible to so you can afford wear these on the way to the gig, not only afford the gig!!

If you are as passionate as we are, then these are the phones for you! Make YOUR statement, be proud of who you are and your music, be part of the family, be HURTZ.