Welcome to the Hurtz Locker  – the online store for Hurtz Cranium Audio Devices: headphones designed for alternative music and alternative style.

Engineered for fans of all genres of Rock, Dance, Metal, Hip-Hop, Drum 'n Bass, Dub, Grime, etc. – Hurtz headphones deliver a full frequency spectrum of deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs. Uniquely designed, Hurtz cans are beautifully finished in tattoo liveries 'for HIM' and 'for HER'.

Hurtz for Him 1 Black

Hurtz for Him 1 Black

An ultimate lifestyle cranium audio device for those who live for all kinds of modern sounds. These cans look and sound like no others when it comes to the music you love.

Large scale earpieces are fitted with cushioned earpads that keep your sound isolated, delivering it all to your ears alone and keeping the noise of the world on the outside and comfortable to wear for hours without fatigue. The extended frequency range of these cans gives a detailed stereo image with outstanding bass resolution - making your favorite music an experience to disappear into. The red woven chord replaces the ubiquitous rubber cable of other designs and stops those frustrating cable tangles. The chord also features a built in-microphone for use with music and smart phones.

Looks, sound and great price come complete with special logo carry bag and storage box.

......... Hurtz for Him 1 Black